COVID-19 & Vaccination Policy

This policy will be effective from September 13th, until further notice. Rules and policies outlined below may be subject to change to follow BC COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines required by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) and EQA (Education Quality Assurance).
School Vaccination Policy
Students (incoming and current) will not be required to show proof of vaccination; however, vaccination status will be required and will be disclosed to other staff and students as required. Students may not be able to participate in certain activities that take place off-campus or run by external parties depending on the policies of the facilities and groups involved.
Although vaccination will not be required, we strongly recommend students to be vaccinated to ensure that they can participate in all activities required for graduation.
Staff will not be required to show proof of vaccination; however, vaccination status will be required and will be disclosed to other staff and students as required. Newly hired staff will be encouraged to get vaccinated if they are not.
Testing for COVID-19
Students who have not been vaccinated are to use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool everyday before arrival on campus and send results of the assessment to a staff member.
All students are to use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool if they are feeling unwell and are to refrain from attending classes if showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
If students are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or if the assessment recommends that the student be tested, they are to get tested and confirm results with Shiro Nakajima or Ami Sakai and determine if the student can attend class.
The school will not bear the costs of any PCR tests.
Mask Policy
Students who are not vaccinated are to always have masks on for all indoor activities and in indoor public spaces.
Students are to wear masks if asked by an instructor.
CSBA will follow the recommendation and rules of the BC government.
Vaccination Status Regarding Home Stay and Housing Arrangements
Homestay: Vaccination status of students will be disclosed to host families and host family vaccination status will be disclosed to students before entering a contract. Students and families will be matched according to students request. However, CSBA will not be liable if they are unable to find a host family for an unvaccinated student.
Shared housing: Shared housing is not regulated by CSBA, and owners of shared housing may implement their own rules. Students will be notified of rules and the vaccination status of others that they will be living with.
Students and staff with any questions and concerns should contact Shiro Nakajima or Ami Sakai. Bully, harassment, and discrimination will not be tolerated. Please see our Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination Policy.
February 18, 2021

As of February 22nd, 2021, additional requirements will take effect. Students arriving in Canada must take a COVID-19 test before leaving the airport and spend 3 days in quarantine at a federal government-authorized hotel. With a clear test result, the student can proceed to the quarantine site identified in their quarantine plan. Ten-days into their quarantine, the student will use a take-home test provided at their arrival in Canada. A further clear result is required before leaving quarantine at 14 days.
Travellers will be subject to test (before and after entering Canada, take-home test) costs, hotel fees and any other fees that incur during quarantine (hotel, food, etc.) at their own expense.
More details can be found at the link below.

Please contact us at for information on quarantine requirements and additional costs.
December 31, 2020

As of January 7th, 2021, all air travellers to Canada are required to present a negative test result for COVID-19. The test must be performed within 72 hours prior to boarding a flight to Canada. Travellers are required to quarantine for 14 days after arrival in Canada.
The Canadian Sports Business Academy in Whistler, B.C. is currently open:

• our programs and courses are being delivered through an in-person learning model. Contact for more information.

• Program and course enrollment and registration are available online at

• We have developed and are implementing a detailed COVID 19 Safety Plan that meets the expectations of the Government of Canada’s Guidance for Postsecondary Institutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the B.C. government’s Go-Forward Guidelines for the post-secondary sector, which support the overall direction of the virus. This plan is in place to: 1) limit the spread of COVID-19, 2) respond quickly to any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 on our campuses, and 3) care for those affected by the virus.

• We have developed a detailed COVID-19 Travel and Arrival Protocols to support and manage all arriving international students and ensure compliance with the 14-day quarantine requirement under the Quarantine Act.

• All students will be made aware of the CSBA COVID Safety Policies and Protocols during orientation. Students will also be provided with a variety of resources and support throughout their studies at CSBA. See: CSBA COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDE

• Our full case management and outbreak response plan can be found at : Case Management and Outbreak Response

• as the measures and precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19 may increase in the coming months, we will continue to monitor B.C. public health advice, orders of the Provincial Health Officer, and information on safe work protocols provided by WorkSafeBC,

How to access free counselling and mental health services for students

CSBA and the Government of B.C. want to ensure that students who need mental health support know how and where to get it.

As part of orientation for new students, how to access counselling and mental health support will be presented.

• Here2Talk is a mental health counselling and referral service available to all B.C. post-secondary students. The service offers confidential, free, single-session services by app, phone, or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to access Here2Talk

B.C. post-secondary students can access professional counselling services by:

• Downloading the Here2Talk app

• Visiting

• Calling toll free 877.857.3397or direct 604.642.5212

Students calling from outside Canada can also dial 604.642.5212 (international calling charges may apply). Phone services are available in additional languages upon request.

The Here2Talk service is operated by Morneau Shepell, and can support students dealing with challenges such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, pressure to perform, crises, racism, and relationships. Counsellors will also be equipped to refer students to local resources in their communities.

(October 14, 2020)
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